Unforgettable Persian Inspired Cuisine

You won’t find my exceptional style of Persian Inspired cuisine anywhere else in town. Visit my restaurant in Shrewsbury, and enjoy the food and traditions that inspired me to become a chef. Or try my recipes at home for yourself, and share the joy I feel whenever I cook.

Contact Shrewsbury’s only Persian inspired restaurant today to book a table and experience my unique spin on Persian cuisine.

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About Dr. Iljal

I am Dr. Ijlal, chef and owner at Old Hall Restaurant in Shrewsbury. Though I am a doctor by day, I don my chef’s whites on evenings and weekends to share my passion for great Persian inspired cuisine with people from Shropshire and all over the UK. Taking inspiration from western palates, my own roots, and my love of cooking, my dishes have won regional and national awards. Book a table at my Persian restaurant today for a truly delicious experience.

A Taste of Persia

Over time, Persian inspired cooking has grown and influenced the culinary mores of the Middle East, central Asia, and India. Elaborate rice dishes, delicious kebabs, nourishing soups, and hearty stews are all pillars of Persian cuisine. My own cooking style builds upon these traditions, and though it may be grounded in simplicity, it creates spectacular results.


WINNER – English Curry Awards, 2016

  • Chef of the Year – England
  • Chef of the Year – Midlands

WINNER – Shropshire Council’s Curry Chef of the Year, 2013

FINALIST – Shropshire Curry Chef of the Year, 2011/2

FINALIST – United Kingdom South Asian Chef of the Year, 2011/2