Delicious Persian INSPIRED Cuisine at My Restaurant in Shrewsbury

Old Hall Restaurant is Shrewsbury’s premier Persian restaurant, providing a distinctive fusion of authentic Persian and South Asian cooking traditions that you won’t find anywhere else. Read on and learn more about the traditions that inspired my love of Persian cuisine.

What Does Persian Cuisine Mean to Me?

The culinary style originated in the days of the Persian Empire, stretching right across the Middle East. Since then, it has historically both influenced and been influenced by the modern country of Iran and its neighbouring regions. Like any style of cooking, it has exclusive characteristics and traditions that make for delicious dishes.

Fresh green herbs are frequently used along with fruits such as plums, pomegranates, quince, prunes, apricots, and raisins. Typical Persian main dishes combine rice with meat, lamb, chicken, or fish, along with some onion, vegetables, nuts, and herbs. To achieve a balanced taste, characteristic Persian flavourings such as saffron, dried limes, cinnamon, and parsley are mixed delicately and used in some special dishes.


This, together with a fusion of South Asian Cuisine, is a wonderful aromatic and delectable combination - cuisine that is simply not available at any mainstream restaurnt. 

Try the Persian Inspired Cooking

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If you’d like to sample my own take on these culinary traditions, check out the main menus  at Old Hall Restaurant. Why not visit us in Shrewsbury and try out a culinary selection from the Persian inspired buffet or try your hand at my recipes  yourself.

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